Healthy Living

After a year of living in the dorms, I’ve noticed that every student shares the same struggle: healthy living. Now, when I say healthy living, people will go straight to the simple issue- gaining the “freshman 15”. However my meaning of healthy living involves much more than that. I feel that students tend to lose sight of many healthy habits including diets, sleeping habits, relationships, and social/religious habits. So here’s a personal input on healthy living:


I think the most commonly discussed issue in college (especially the first year) is weight gain, A.K.A. the “Freshman 15”. College is a monstrous change from living at home with your parents. Each student must sort of figure out how to responsibly live on their own;  they must manage their classes, school related activities, social life, and other lifestyle habits. One habit that typically gets lost in the midst of our crazy college lives is healthy dieting. Food is fuel, and I think people forget this concept. I will acknowledge that eating right in college is hard, but it is very POSSIBLE. So don’t keep the mindset that your school or community makes it impossible to eat well, you just have to search a little harder for them. Instead of a grilled sandwich with fries, get the wrap and add spinach and cucumbers(or your veggies of choice), or pick the  chick-fil-a salad instead of the sandwich. The little changes add up, and the cleaner you eat, the more energy you will have- especially for those late night study sessions. Keep an open mind about the food you consume, treat your body like you love it, because you should love your body!

Sleeping Habits:

Like I said, LOVE your body, treat it like so. I will keep this one short and sweet, but sleep is VITAL. Don’t listen to the individuals who tell you that pulling an all nighter works- NO IT DOESN’T. Your mind and body need time to recharge for the next day, and you will diminish your health with such a lack of sleep. Try to keep and set a goal of how many hours of sleep you need each night, and with good time management, obtaining a sufficient amount of sleep is very possible.


So many cherishable new relationships surface when you place yourself in a completely new setting. You constantly meet new people in college, whether it is in classes, clubs,  while you’re eating out, or even just doing laundry. I didn’t realize it until after first semester, but every new relationship I developed affected my life in some way. The people you surround yourself with deeply affect every aspect of your life. Surround yourself with negative, toxic individuals, and they will find ways to leak that poison into your life. So it is important to analyze the individuals you associate yourself with. Of course it is right not to judge someone by their cover, but surrounding yourself with toxic individuals will then turn your life into something more toxic.

 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “Do not be mislead, ‘Bad company corrupts good character.'”


Proverbs 25:26 says, “Like  a muddied spring or  polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked.”  

So ask yourself some questions when you are introducing new individuals in your life- not strangers but rather those who will have a more major impact on your life. Do I want this person in my life? Will this individual impact my life in a positive or negative way? Will this person help me become a better person, or will the add toxicity to my life? Or do the same with life decisions. Is this going to impact my life in a positive way? Will there be negative implications to this decision? Am I going to regret, or question this later on?

And lastly, we cannot forget the most important relationship, the building blocks of your own very life, your relationship with Him. As someone who ha

This was my senior year of high school. I love this picture because I think it illustrates that even though I’ve struggled so much in the past years with my disease, I managed to not let my struggle get the best of me. I am FOREVER grateful for the unending support and love that is my family. 

s seen this happen, and who is guilty of this, many college kids lose their faith. Juggling so many
activities and responsibilities on your own makes you push away what you think isn’t necessary at the time. However, I always notice a positive change in my life and mindset when I maintain my faith. He is there to guide us and help us, so accept his love! Go to church, find a prayer group, try every church in town(invite friends!), read the Bible. If you want to know the mind of God look at the word of God.


healthy happy
Wake up with a positive mindset. A good day will never come if you wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead. Life is GOOD.